Together with (from left) Doctor James Nystedt and the Chairman of the Norwegian Physicians' Association of Acupuncture, Doctor Bjrn Rismyhr, I gave the diplomas to Norwegian acupuncture students, 1999.

About Qunhui Mao

I was born in the Jiangxi province in south of China in 1964. I began my schooling early and was therefore able to enroll myself in medical school already in 1980, which subsequently led me to the Chinese Capital, Beijing.

Following completion of medical studies, I continued to specialize myself in acupuncture at the China Academy of Chinese Medicine.

After many years of teaching and research in Academic Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, including being the author of books and articles, I received a professorship at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1996. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is China's and the world's leading faculty within Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

I have taught and practiced in China, the Philippines, Norway, and since 2000,I have been living and practicing in Denmark. In 2003, I assisted the Danish Fertilty clinic to conducted a trail on acupuncture and IVF, and the result was published on Fertil & steril 2006.

CV for Qunhui Mao (engelsk version)

Born: 1964, Jiangxi, China

Language: Native speaker of Chinese, and fluent in both English and Danish



Master degree of Science in Medicine and specialty in Acupuncture from China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing.


Bachelor Degree of Science in traditional Chinese medicine, Jiangxi College of traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanchang,Jiangxi Province. Graduated with 1st-class honour.



Owning and practising in Holistisk Akupunkturklinik in Copenhagen full time and lecturing part time in both Denmark and Norway.


Associate professor, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaching acupuncture in both Chinese and English, practising acupuncture in the clinic, and giving medical consultations to foreigners.

Providing Acupuncture courses in the Philippines twice (3 months each in 1996 and 1997), invited by the Ministry of Health of the Phlippines.

In February 1999, teaching acupuncture in Egypt for three weeks. In May 1999 and 2000, teaching acupuncture in Norwegian Acupuncture Training Center for one month each in Oslo and Bergen.


Teaching in the Nordic Center of Chinese Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark


Doctor and lecturer, Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopedics, teaching both Chinese and foreign students and also treating patients in the college clinic.


Doctor and junior researcher, Jiangxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Participated in clinical research of Using Chinese Medicine to Treat Emergencies, which is one of China "7th Five-Year Plan" medical research project. It won the 'Third Grade National Science Award' and the 'Second Grade Jiangxi Scientific Progress Award'.



Co-author: Acupuncture on the Day of Embryo Transfer Significantly Improves the Reproductive Outcome in Infertile Women: A Prospective, Randomized Trial. Fertility and Sterility, p1341 - 1346, vol.85, No. 5, May 2006


The Golden Couples of Points [Duixie], Journal for Norwegians Acupuncturists Hovedorganisasjon, (Nr.1/2,1999)


Effective Points Therapy of Acupuncture (249-page book in English), Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1998.


A Study of Gynecological Diseases Through Ancient Documents of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, journal, (Issue 1, 1996)


An Analysis of Characteristics of Acupuncture Prescriptions of Gynecological Diseases in Ancient Traditional Chinese Medical Document, Journal of Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopedics, (Issue 2, 1995)


Co-author of An Encyclopedia of Chinese Special Acupuncture Techniques, Huaxia Press, Beijing, 1995


Co-author of "A Guide Book of Acupoints Selection for a Hundred Diseases", Ancient Book Press, Beijing, 1994.


A Summary of Treating Pediatric Diseases with a Single Acupoint, Traditional Chinese Medicine of Jiangxi, (Issue 3,1993).


A Summary of Treating Diseases of Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat with a Single Acupoint, Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion, (supplementary issue, Harbin, 1993)


A Clinical Report on Curing 9 Cases of Dysuria of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever with Da Xian Xiong Tang decoction, Traditional Chinese Medicine of Jiangxi, (Issue 3, 1988).