Why acupuncture works?

We are still looking for the scientific answer. However, there are a lot of hypothesis, here are two of them: Effects of acupuncture in relation to female infertility might be mediated through central effects on the release of neurotransmitters, including β-endorphin and serotonin, which in turn influence GnRH release and thereby impact on pituitary gonadotropin secretion, ovarian follicular growth, ovulation, and fertility; In addition to this central effect on the hypothalamic— pituitary— ovarian axis, acupuncture exerts a general sympathoinhibitory effect, which locally might increase uterine and ovarian blood flow.

When should you begin with acupuncture?

If you are under 35 years old, tried less than 3 IVF, or no gynecological problems, you should start acupuncture when you begin with downregulation (long protocol) or start hormone stimulations (Insemination or short protocol for IVF or); If you are > 35 years old, have tried more than 3 IVF, low response, or endometriosis, it is best that you start acupuncture 2 months before you are going to start IVF. Acupuncture once or twice a week depends on individual consultation.

Acupuncture and IVF – integrated approach

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine have very different perspective views, concepts and systems when it comes to the human beings. Chinese Medicine is experiential and holistic, while Western Medicine is experimental and systematic. Doctors of Chinese Medicine are gardeners while doctors of Western Medicine are mechanists.

Acupuncture is one important part of Chinese Medicine and is an ancient therapeutic art which has helped people through thousands of years and are now blooming all over the world.

The combination of acupuncture and Western Medicine is an integrated approach for the human health and enhances fertility chance.

There have been a lot of research that has shown: Acupuncture assisting IVF does increase pregnancy rates (link to research): f. ex. the research that Dr. Lars Westergaard and Qunhui Mao have carried out: Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women: a prospective, randomized trial. Unfortunately, most studies are only focusing on acupuncture in connection with egg transformation, while acupuncturists all around the world treating infertility according to their own experience, which is really confusing people who are looking for alternative approaches. More research on IVF and acupuncture, based on differentiation concepts of Chinese Medicine, may be the next solutions.

In last 12 years, I have treated about 3000 patients who were undergoing IUI, IVF or ICSI, and also by natural ways. The feedbacks from my patients are satisfying. I has been working closely with Danish fertility clinics, f. ex. Dansk Fertilitetsklinik: www.danfert.dk.

What can acupuncture do for you?

  • Balance body and relax the mind
  • Regulate menstrual cycle
  • Optimize hormones effects
  • Improve ovaries function and tubes flexibility
  • Improve the thickness of uterus lining
  • Decrease side effects of medications

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